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My   name   is   John   Damen   and   I   live   in   Holland.   Since   1975,   when   Venezuelan   Johnny   Cecotto   came to   Europe   to   compete   motorcycle   Grand   Prix   racing,   he   has   been   my   big   idol.   In   1981   when Cecotto   decided   to   switch   to   four-wheel   racing   nothing   changed   for   me   at   all.   Johnny   did   stay active   in   motorsports   with   2002   being   his   last   full   championship   year.   Cecotto   now   occasionally still   does   separate   (classic)   races   or   events.   For   all   Johnny   has   done   and   achieved   in   his   racing career   he   just   deserves   to   be   remembered.   So   this   site   is   dedicated   to   Johnny   Cecotto   and   it   will give   you   an   insight   in   his   life   and   racing   career   on   2   and   4   wheels   which   has   lasted   for   more   than 30   years.   Above   in   the   menu   choose   what   you   want   to   see   about   Johnny   Cecotto.   In   CAREER    you can   read   the   whole   story   of   his   racing   activities.   In   REPORTS   you   can   see   all   the   visits   I   did   over the   years   to   races   and   events.   In   ABOUT    people   who   knew   Johnny   tell   something   about   him. There’s   also   a   PERSONAL    file   about   Cecotto.   You   can   see   how   to   reach   me   on   the   CONTACT   page.   In   MY   COLLECTION    I   show   you   a   part   of   my   Johnny   Cecotto   stuff   in   a   gallery.   I   give   you information   about   credits   and   legal   use   in   COPYRIGHT .   Since   2001   I   also   have   the   privilege   to know   Johnny   in   person   which   is   very   special   to   me.   The   site   is   always   under   construction   and   new parts will be added now and then. See “Latest Updates” below.  l hope you enjoy your visit here.

Latest News

-    On    October    16/18th    2020    Johnny    Cecotto participated   at   the   Goodwood   Speed   Week   in England.   He   drove   the   BMW   V12   LMR   sports car,    winner    of    the    24    hours    of    Le    Mans    in 1999. -   Johnny   Cecotto   was   going   to   compete   the Imola   200   Revival   again   on   2   &   3   May   2020   at     Imola,   Italy   with   Yamaha.   But   regrettably   this was cancelled because of the corona-virus. -   Johnny   Cecotto   will   be   at   the   Bikers’   Classics on   July   6/7   2019   at   the   Spa   Francorchamps circuit.   I   will   be   there   and   add   a   report   of   the event here on the website.

Latest Updates

09-04-2021   New   version   of   this   website   is   available. The   reports   section   still   has   to   be   made so please check that out later. 09-07-2019   Report    and    pictures    added    from    the Bikers’   Classics   at   Spa   Francorchamps on July 6/7. 18-06-2018   Report    and    pictures    added    from    the Nürburgring Classics on June 16/17.
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