Overview of Johnny Cecotto’s racing career on 2 and 4 wheels Johnny   “Alberto”   Cecotto   was   born   on   January   25th   1956   in   Caracas,   Venezuela   from   Italian   parents.   His   father   Giovanni   was   also   a   motorcycle   racing driver   and   had   his   own   motorcycle   shop.   So   it   was   not   very   strange   he   got   interested   in   racing.   At   the   age   of   16   Johnny   started   with   motorcycle   racing while   he   still   was   too   young   to   go   into   car   racing.   No   one   could   know   back   then   in   1973   that   this   young   man   would   become   a   greatness   in   motorcycle racing   Grand   Prix   and   was   going   to   become   the   youngest   World   Champion   ever   at   that   time   in   1975.   People   who   are   interested   in   motorcycle   racing will   remember   him   very   well.   Johnny   came   to   Europe   in   1975   to   race   in   Grand   Prix’s   for   the   first   time   and   did   beat   great   names   of   that   time   including Giacomo   Agostini.   At   once   his   name   rose   to   star   wisdom   and   he   was   one   of   the   best   and   finest   riders   in   motorcycle   Grand   Prix   racing   for   years although   he   did   have   bad   luck   sometimes   and   was   a   bit   precarious.   He   still   is   a   very   beloved   person   in   the   hearts   of   motorcycle   racing   Grand   Prix fans.   In   1981   Johnny   got   into   car   racing   and   was   on   his   way   to   fortune   in   that   as   well.   In   1982   he   became   vice-champion   in   Formula   2   and   got   into Formula   1   in   1983   with   one   of   the   smallest   teams   Theodore.   He   even   managed   to   get   1   point   with   them   and   got   a   seat   at   Toleman   in   1984   next   to Ayrton   Senna.   A   huge   accident   though   at   Brands   Hatch   completely   ruined   his   dreams   to   become   one   of   the   biggest   Formula   1   drivers.   His   legs   were severely   damaged   and   his   Formula   1   career   was   over.   He   stepped   into   Touring   Car   racing   in   1985   after   a   long   time   recovery.   He   was   very   successful in   Touring   Cars   as   well   and   became   multiple   champion   in   different   countries.   In   2001   I   became   personally   contact   with   Johnny   Cecotto   for   the   first time.   This   still   is   one   of   the   greatest   things   that   ever   happened   to   me   in   my   life.   It’s   something   I   never   could   have   dreamed   of   when   I   started   to   follow Johnny   in   his   racing   career   in   1975.   In   2002   Johnny   did   his   last   championship   year   in   V8-Star   and   got   champion   for   the   last   time   in   his   career.   To   see and   learn   more   about   Johnny   Cecotto’s   career   different   section   are   available   in   “Motorcycle   Racing”,   “Formula   Racing”   and   “Touring   Car   Racing”.   You can   choose   the   discipline   of   your   choice   below   by   clicking   on   the   picture.   Finally   there   is   another   section   about   “Life   after   a   racing   career”   to   see   what Johnny is doing after his full-time racing career.

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