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Of   course   without   help   this   website   wouldn’t   exist. My   biggest   thanks   goes   out   to   Johnny   Cecotto   himself.   For   being   who   he   is,   a   great   sportsman and   fantastic   character.   For   giving   permission   to make   this   site   and   for   always   being   very   kind   and hospitable   to   us   when   we   meet.   I   thank   the   family Cecotto:   Isabella ,   Johnny   jr. ,   Cristina ,   Jonathan   and   Julie    for   the   kindness   when   we   (did)   meet. Thanks   to   Johnny   jr.   and   Jonathan   for   taking   the steering   wheel   at   hand   to   continue   the   name   of Cecotto   in   Motorsports!   All   the   best   to   you   both   in your   racing   career   and   after   that   in   your   personal career.    Also    thanks    to    Giovanni    Cecotto     (who regrettably    passed    away    in    2018)    and    Vicente   Fernández    for   the   help   to   get   me   in   contact   with Johnny   Cecotto   in   2001.   Special   thanks   to   Dutch photographer   Hero    Drent    who   gave   almost   200 pictures   of   Cecotto   from   the   years   1976   to   1983. Thanks   also   go   to   Jan   en   Hetty   Burgers    and    Guy Thonus    for   allowing   me   to   use   their   photographs. Also   to   everyone   who   wrote   contributions   for   the "About"   section   on   Johnny.   I   thank   all   the   people who   helped   me   out   with   pictures   and   information while   I   did   research   for   my   website.   THANK   YOU   to    all    photographers     for    making    pictures    of Johnny   Cecotto.   Most   photographs   used   on   this website   were   made   by   myself   over   the   years.   If you   want   to   use   pictures   or   text   taken   from   my website    for    publication    on    internet,    magazines etc.   please   first   take   a   look   at   the   copyright   rules. Developing   this   site   and   maintaining   it   over   the years   did   surely   cost   me   a   lot   of   time,   work   and money.   I   want   to   thank   my   wife   Carolien   for   being so   patient   while   I   work   behind   my   computer   or while   being   on   the   road   to   the   circuits.   Thank   you for   for   all   your   love,   support,   interest   and   help   at the events when we visit them together.

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All   the   images   and   text   shown   on   this   Official    Johnny   Cecotto    Fansite    is available   for   personal   use   only.   However,   it   is   strictly   prohibited   to   use   any   content   of this   Official   Johnny   Cecotto   Fansite   for   publishing,   copying,   redistributing   or   modifying without   prior   written   consent.   When   material   of   this   site   is   used   the   logo   should   stay visible   (photographs)   and   mentioning   of   the   source   (Official   Johnny   Cecotto   Fansite   or     John   Damen)   has   to   be   done.   IF   THERE’S   ANYTHING   AGAINST   COPYRIGHT   PLEASE LET   ME   KNOW   AND   I   WILL   REMOVE   IT!    On   request   the   images   which   I   shot   myself can   be   obtained   in   a   much   higher   resolution   than   the   sizes   shown   here   on   this   site.   Of course   there   is   much   more   material   available   then   shown   here.   If   you   are   looking   for pictures of a particular event please don’t hesitate to contact me.
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